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True Life: I’m a Pinckney Intern

by Katharine Kendall


As excited as I am to tell everyone reading this about my time as an intern at Pinckney Marketing, writing this post is not an easy task. How do I tell you about “a day in the life” when every day has been so different? 

That difference stems from how much has been trusted to me, which can be refreshing for an intern. I think I speak for all interns past and present when I say that a summer consisting entirely of running errands and performing menial tasks is no fun. However, this experience has been just the opposite. Whether it’s brainstorming with account leads about how to create exciting content for their clients, or doing research about various industries, I’ve truly felt like I’ve participated in important aspects in the marketing process during my time at Pinckney.

As a content intern, a lot of what I have done consisted of creating social content for clients, and creating this content involves a great deal of research and reading. I’m a bit of a news junkie, so it’s really fun to find interesting articles to post for clients about so many different topics–and I get to call it work! Doing research about a different industry every day of the week has also kept things fresh all summer.

I also feel like I have gotten a lot of awesome, informative exposure to the marketing industry–exposure that I’m sure will benefit me immensely as I move forward pursuing a career in the industry. From my perch up at the front desk, I get to see all the comings and goings of the office and interact with so many different people. From this perspective, I’ve seen a lot of what goes into running a successful, productive agency. And while it seems to be no easy task, it’s clear how hard everyone here works to succeed at what they are doing.

There have, however, been some constants in my summer routine. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind, and they have always treated me like a part of the team. I’ve been constantly gaining experience that I’m certain will help me for years to come. I’ve gained experience in Inbound methodology, as well as more sites and programs than I can count, from Buffer to Canva to Hubspot and more. The work has always been interesting, and it has all pushed me to become a better, more creative thinker and writer.

I enjoyed my summer at Pinckney so much that I actually decided to stay on as an intern for the fall. As a part-time intern doing most of my work remotely, I’ve been building on a lot of the skills I learned this summer. It has been an amazing experience working at Pinckney, and I’m so excited to keep it up!

–Katharine Kendall, Content Intern

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