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What Is Traditional Media?

Traditional media advertising is made up radio, television, out of home and print ads.

For the last 50 to 100 years, radio, television, out of home and print ads have been the primary tools for reaching consumer markets. These traditional mediums offer the opportunity to create an environment free from two-way interaction and data mining, where advertisers can promote the strengths and benefits of their goods and/or services. As each medium has such a widespread yet targeted reach, fostered by news outlets that are masters at reaching their audiences, it’s no wonder why even in today’s digitally-driven age people still turn to traditional media for their advertising needs.

At Pinckney Marketing, we understand the importance of effective traditional media advertising. We’ll help determine which of our traditional media services is right for you, whether it be strategy, placement, or buying for print, broadcast TV, radio, and out of home (billboards). We will make sure that your business gets the exposure it needs, while creating the highest impact on your audiences.

How We Work.

Research and identify the client’s buyer personas.

Traditional media advertising requires a multifaceted approach which starts with learning all about your buyer persona. We will research and identify who you want to target based on demographics, psychographics and geographic location.

Evaluate the various media outlets.

This includes traditional, digital and social outlets. We will determine the maximum reach and frequency of each outlet, as well as the integration of the various media outlets to reinforce previous impressions. We’ll also utilize various forms of communicating with the target market, such as public service announcements, public service interviews, sponsorship mentions, adlets and paid programming.

Identify the most cost effective channel.

We’ll compare the impressions for each media in relation to the cost, as well as the net reach to determine how many different individual persons are being served the message.

Creative execution.

We will develop all of your creative needs, from storyboards to scriptwriting, all the way up to production. We’ll even negotiate talent fees and production charges.

We hold advertising partners and vendors accountable for delivering negotiated components on a monthly basis.

This includes performing monthly reconciliations, analyzing what was projected for TV schedules to deliver versus what was achieved, monitoring preemptions and always striving for upgrades if alternate programming is offered, and maintaining good stewardship over your schedules.

Pinckney Marketing will work with you to find the best fit for your traditional media advertising needs. We’ll walk you through the various levels of traditional media advertising, and assist with any co-op claims and public relations needs in addition to media strategy, placement and buying.

To learn more about traditional media, read our blog post about Traditional Media in a Digital World.