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Top 6 FAQs People Ask Pinckney Marketing

By Nick Maus

Pinckney Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has spent a day involved in any kind of marketing effort knows that this industry is full of strange marketing terms, acronyms, and millions of different programs and tools.

We always encourage our clients to reach out and ask any and all marketing questions they have. Interestingly enough, we’ve found ourselves answering the same marketing questions on a day-to-day basis with various clients!

Because of the consistent confusion across the board over these topics, we thought it would be beneficial for you to have an article with answers, explanations, and free educationalresources on these topics!

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1. Where do I start with marketing?

To get marketing conversions you need data-driven decision making. This starts with a benchmark and performance analysis of your marketing efforts. The data analysis will help you both understand the marketing health of your company, AND also compare it to your competitors in the industry.

While performing the research you should gain an understanding of what you have tried, what you are currently trying, the performance of those campaigns, and identification of any trends in your business.

This will ultimately help you have a clear understanding of how your market reacts to your company’s marketing efforts.

2. What is the point of a blog?

Blogs can be used in many different ways. Some companies use blogs to stay connected with their audience, share knowledge, entertain, provide thought leadership or even provoke change in a culture or industry.

When it comes to strategic content marketing, blogs are most commonly used to stay engaged with your audience and help move them through the sales and marketing funnel, and to generate fresh, relevant content for your website which has SEO benefits.

3. What does SEO mean? What does it do?

Note: If you are asking me this, it means you haven’t read my other blogs and for that I’m very disappointed in you!

Now, to answer the question:

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing, the umbrella over Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the series of methods and tactics used to maximize the number of visitors to your website through search engine ranking.

There are three different areas of SEO which are onsite, offsite and technical. For more information on each of these download our SEO Guidebook.

4. How often do I need to change my website to stay relevant and rank?

This is somewhat generalized since there are several factors such as the intent of your website and the industry you work in.

An eCommerce site where goods are sold direct to the consumer (B2C) such as a fashion retailer will need to change their website much more often than a business that is less affected by seasonality (such as a sandwich shop).

As a general rule of thumb, you should overhaul your website every 2-5 years depending on the industry you are in.

5. What is a MQL and SQL?

An MQL, Marketing Qualified Lead, is a lead that is not ready to purchase your product or services yet and must be nurtured and guided through your marketing funnel providing them with information and offers to support their decision making process.

An SQL, Sales Qualified Lead, is a lead that is ready to buy! These are handed over from the marketing team to the sales team and should be followed up within 24 hours to close the sale.

Note: If you’re not lead scoring your leads, here’s why you definitely, definitely should be.

6. What is a persona?

A persona is a fictitious profile that helps describe who your ideal buyer is, how they behave, their pain points and their thought process. Building out personas will help you define who is in your market segment and create content that will connect them with your company. It is not uncommon to have multiple personas which can be categorized in to primary, secondary and negative personas. For more on developing buyer personas, use this free template!

Didn’t answer your questions? If it is marketing term related, you might find it in this cheat sheet. If not, feel free to schedule a strategy session with us! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!