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Tips To Achieve Good Office Feng Shui

By Kylee Karns

A Harmonized Workspace is a Happy Workspace

Do you ever feel stressed, cramped or cluttered due to the layout of your workspace? A full time employee spends about 40 hours or more each week in their place of work. As such a large amount of time is spent in this environment, it’s beneficial to optimize your workspace for success by following the practices of office feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system for arranging your surroundings in a way that promotes harmony and a sense of well being. Those who are more spiritual practitioners believe that everything has a “chi,” or a certain energy, and how objects are arranged can affect different aspects of our lives. When done correctly, this organizational system will help you create a vibrant and successful energy in your space.

Even if you don’t believe in the spiritual aspects of feng shui, you may find your comfort, productivity and convenience enhanced by the way your space is organized. Feng shui is all about benefiting you, so what’s to lose? Let’s get reorganizing!

Tips for effective office Feng shui

Clear your clutter

Getting rid of any clutter is an important step to achieving a more inspiring, productive and successful space. Cluttered desks can have negative impacts on employees’ productivity by restricting the ability to focus and by increasing the amount of time spent searching for needed items.

Clear your clutter, reduce stress, save time and improve efficiency. Use a filing system to keep your things organized, and a logical flow system to keep papers, pens, notebooks and other items in their own spots within arms reach. 

Place your desk in a power position

When setting up your workspace, consider the position of your desk. It should be in a commanding position, which keeps your energy stronger and more protected. You should be able to see the door when seated at your desk, and as much of the room as possible. The purpose behind this position is to keep you in command of the room, whereas having your back to the door would allow you to be vulnerable as you are unaware of what is happening from behind.

Decorate with appropriate artwork and objects

When decorating your workspace, it’s important to use artwork and objects that inspire you and keep you productive. Surround yourself with things you find beautiful and calming, such as flowers or images that symbolize the goals you want to accomplish. If you don’t have a window, hang a portrait of a landscape to make one. Everything you place in your workspace should have a positive effect on you and reflect your personality.

Use appropriate Feng shui colors

The colors you surround yourself with can impact your psychological well-being. When decorating your workspace, consider the appropriateness of the colors for the space and the colors’ psychological effects.

Some appropriate feng shui office colors include: soft yellow, sandstone, pale gold, pale orange, pale green, blue-green

Adding white to the space will increase clarity and mental focus. Adding browns and earth tones will ground and stabilize the space.

Add stress relievers

Decrease stress by decorating your space in a way that promotes peace and relaxation. Avoid using harsh lighting or choosing furniture with sharp edges. You can also add soothing music, scented candles or oils keep stress at a minimum.

Keep the space neat and tidy

A clean workspace is a happy workspace. At least once a week, clean your whole workspace. Dust everything, vacuum, and wipe down your keyboard, computer, phone, and anything else that carries germs with a disinfecting wipe. Working in a clean, uncluttered space promotes a clear mind and cuts out unnecessary stress.

Organize your workspace in a way that promotes productivity and success throughout your business and who knows what might come of it. Perhaps new leads?

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