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The Visual Impact On Your Marketing Strategy

The question I have is what enticed you to read this blog? I am willing to bet it was because it caught your eye.  

Your brain will process an image 60,000 times faster than text. So in a matter of seconds of seeing the image on this post you began to form an opinion on what this would be about and whether or not it was worth your time to even read.

The thing is, your clients are no different than you. You have about 3-8 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your site, and with such a short time you need a shortcut to their brain.



Professor Albert Mehrabian showed that 93% of communication is in fact nonverbal and is visual.  Only 7% is from actual words.  He also found that issues of trust and credibility are carried by images far more than text. With the impact of visual, in mere seconds you can give a visitor an idea of your personality, vision, and give them a sense of trust.

Part of making your website effective and growth driven is knowing your visitor.  When that visitor feels like they know you then you have just started a relationship with him/her.

You only have a few seconds to establish that relationship and video is a great way to get there quickly.  More important than selling a product we want our clients to find us credible and trust us.  If we gain their trust then they will seek us out when they are ready to purchase.  

So with all of this evidence and stats on the effectiveness of visual over text why am I writing a blog? Good question.  In actuality the entire first paragraph was really just to prove my point.

Stats show that almost 80% of you clicked to watch the video within three seconds of being on this post.  That also means that if you are reading this then the video peeked your interest enough to read all the way through this post.  One of the things we live for here at Pinckney is to help grab customers attention.  We use a multitude of methods to do that.  I am not saying that video is the only answer, but it sure has proven to be a very effective one in today’s society. 

Let me introduce you to our website refresh workbook.  It is a great resource and starting point to finding ways that your website could be more effective for you.  But, please hurry because every 3-8 seconds your clients are moving on to something else.