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Strengthening Your Marketing Fitness

By Josh Briscoe

Your Marketing Agency is Your Personal Trainer

I’m on day 66 of an 80 Day Workout Program and one of the big things I have learned so far from it is the value of the personal trainer.  

I’ve tried workouts and exercising on my own for years and while I’ve sustained a healthy life, I never really increased my fitness level. Enter a fitness trainer and in only 60 days my fitness level has gone up exponentially!

As I thought about why having a trainer made such a difference, I realized that being a part of a marketing company, we help do the same thing for companies.

Let me quickly walk you through what I mean…

Consistently Committed and Engaged

weights Pinckney Marketing Strengthening MarketingThe first thing I noticed was my new commitment to working out. When it was just me, if I didn’t feel like it, I just didn’t workout. But now, I have someone there and ready, reminding me to keep at it. And when I do show up, my time is spent more efficiently.

I have many things going on in a day. My one hour workout is all I have to give to that element. It’s the same for you at your company.

Similarly, with so many things to take care of in business, your marketing department only gets a small set of attention. So why not make that time as efficient as possible. A trainer helps guide the workout and move it along so that the results are successful.

Staying on Trend

Just as a marketing trainer is keeping a pulse on current trends and what other experts and companies are doing, a fitness trainer is always bringing new exercise or a new approach to an exercise; introducing it into the workout and testing to see if its a fit for me.

Because when you do the same thing repeatedly you will sustain, but not grow.

But, if you incorporate a slightly different exercise or approach, you will start activating your muscles in a different way and that brings the growth.

Being a part of a marketing agency, we are always researching and looking for new ways to activate marketing muscle. Whether it be a slightly different approach like 360 video or a new exercise, like going ‘Live’ on Facebook.

Outside Evaluation

personal trainer Pinckney Marketing Strengthening MarketingLike a trainer, marketing agencies can step back and unbiasedly review and audit your company and see what can be worked on. Nothing is worse than putting a lot of effort into an exercise, but not using the correct form, so you don’t see the ‘gains’ or worse, cause yourself injury.

Having that outside, unbiased person evaluate you helps to point out strengths and weaknesses of where you are currently.

The thing about people and companies is each one is unique. No two are the same. So, the exercise might be the same, but with adjustments to fit you. A trainer keeps track and watches your exercises in order to recommend adjustments and corrections to keep you on track.

Those slight adjustments can make all the difference in the exercises effectiveness. Having that person on the outside that is able to see and point out the slight adjustments is the key to a fully effective exercise.  

No Comfort Zone

Just as a trainer keeps me out of the comfort zone, a marketing agency will help you activate all of your marketing options (just like working on all of your muscles).

If it was up to me, I would just focus on the muscle that i’m comfortable with, but in order to have a well-rounded fitness, I have to activate all of the muscles. Similarly, marketing is pivotal on activating more than one strategic avenue.

When you activate more muscle at the same time, you get greater results in everything you activated. Making sure you are exploring every option available to you is what the agency does.

Focused Training

arnold schwarzenegger Pinckney Marketing Strengthening MarketingThere are so many goals to shoot for, but you have to prioritize. For example, if I wanted to be a bodybuilder, my workouts would be different than if I wanted to be run marathons.

Helping you focus your marketing goals and targets is important.

That way, your agency can keep the workouts in line with those goals. With those in place and the consistency of doing the work you will meet those goals.

Like my experience with my workouts, having that person beside you will increase your results exponentially!


One thing to note is in fitness and marketing there is no finish line. It is a continuous improvement for your company. (And addicting—once you see some of those gains you will never want to stop!)

If your interested in finding a partner to help you with marketing, and be your personal trainer,  try out our Agency Fit Quiz to see if a marketing agency is a good fit for you. We love marketing, and we love when companies join us as we exercise our marketing muscles.