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Stay Relevant With Engaging Social Media Content

By Emily Murphy

Engaging Social Media Content Is More Important Now, Than Ever Before

At the beginning of 2018 Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shook the social media marketing world as we knew it with an announcement in the form of a post on his personal page.

A change to the algorithm of the Facebook newsfeed was coming.

In response to feedback from the Facebook community that ‘public content’ (posts from businesses, brands and media) were crowding their news feeds and keeping them from “connecting” with each other, Zuckerberg initiated the change.

Zuckerberg reported that in an effort to create more “meaningful social interactions” among users; contribute to the “happiness, health and well-being” of the user; and make sure “Facebook is time well spent”, the new newsfeed algorithm would give priority to content created, posted, and shared by friends, family, and groups whom the user followed.

This was great news for a Facebook user like me.

Now I could scroll through my newsfeed and instead of seeing one boosted ad after another, I’d see the cute dog video my mom shared, pictures from my best friend’s trip to Spain, and discussions going on in my fitness studio’s member group.

Exciting news for a social media user–yes. Not such great news for a marketing professionals…a bucket I also fall into.

The change actually gave us marketers an opportunity to step back and consider the kinds of content we were publishing on social media. How could we ensure our content was still seen? How could we “beat the system” –or in this case, Zuckerberg’s new algorithm?

Then came our “AH HA” moment.

As long as we were offering relevant, thought-provoking, meaningful, and quality content– users would like, comment, share, follow, and participate! Engagement was the answer.

Pinckney Marketing Social media posting on mobile and computer

So, How Do You Get People To Engage?

1. Visuals

Like infographics, which take complex information and make it eye catching, shareable, and easy to understand.

Even just adding a photo to a post gives it a little something. Visually based content is more likely to engage your social media audience than content that isn’t– use this to your advantage.   


2. Live Streaming video

Allow you to have engaging, real-time conversations with your fans.

“Going live” is currently one of the best ways to interact with fans on social media. Facebook says their live feature allows you to  “field viewer’s burning questions, hear what’s on viewer’s mind and check out viewer’s live reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going”. Instagram also has a popular live feature.

This is me and PMIer, Jo live from the Pinckney Marketing Facebook page at the press release for the International Champion’s Cup in Romare Bearden Park. Viewers got an inside look into the event, could ask questions, and get more info! Best part is– the post lives on your page even after going live! 

Pinckneymarketing Facebook live screenshot

If you’re interested, we offer A Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Live.


3. Memes:

A pop-culture phenomenon but also a form of visual content your social media audience will appreciate and want to engage with.

In 2015 Chobani created an entire marketing campaign around memes and fans love it. 21,009 “Snapchatters” used their branded meme generator! #Basic&Proud

Pinckneymarketing chobani basic and proud campaign screenshot


4. Giveaways and Contests

Offer participants something in return for their engagement.

Remember, participants aren’t the only winners. Your brand ultimately gains brand awareness, new followers, user generated content, and more. It’s a win-win situation.

Thousands of Instagrammers engaged in Starbucks’ #RedCupContest photo contest in 2016!

pinckneymarketing Starbucks red cup contest instagram post screenshot


5. Polls

Give fans a “say-so” in your brand (and you a better picture of who your audience is).

Polls themselves encourage user engagement–they’re fun and exciting for users.

There are a few reasons why polls on social media work so well. First, you likely have a large following of customers and fans who are already interest in your brand and eager to give feedback. Second, social polls are casual and require very little from participants (often just a single click or tap), which is why it’s a worthwhile alternative to surveys.

@Tribehummus knows what we’re talking about.  

Pinckney marketing tribe poll instagram story













A few other things to keep in mind when creating engaging social media content:

  • Variety– Don’t use the same type of post all the time, keep it interesting with a variety of posts.
  • Always incorporate visuals.
  • Maintain your social presence. Post regularly, respond to comments, answer questions, ya catch my drift?
  • Consider the channel’s audience. An “Instagrammer” and a Linkedin member aren’t looking for, nor do they want to see the same content.
  • Don’t forget who you are. It can be easy to lose track of your brand’s image when creating social content. There’s nothing scarier than a brand identity crisis.

Having a social media strategy that is engaging is a great way to generate business leads. Download our free Social Media Handbook for more great tips!