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The Very First Step in Setting Up Google Analytics

by Blake Smith

So, you want to start tracking website traffic? Well, let’s talk about getting you up and running with the basic essential of Google Analytics!

The Very First Step in Setting up Google Analytics Charlotte NC Pinckney Marketing.png

Let’s see here, with the goal of tracking website traffic, step one is creating a free Google Analytics account. This is where all of your website’s data will be collected and stored for your personal customization and manipulation.

Once you have created a Google Analytics account, you will need to create a Universal Analytics tracking code, which is a snippet of code, to be implemented onto every webpage you want to track.  On those webpages, the code should be placed before the closing </head> tag.

To find the tracking code, head to the Admin tab, which is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Google Analytics Interface.

Setting up google analytics admin button.png

Once you’ve clicked that tab, you’ll see Tracking Info under the property you’re in. Select Tracking Info, and then select Tracking Code.

Here is an example of what that tracking code will look like:

Setting up google analytics step by step.png

Once implemented, the UA-XXXXXXXX-1 sequence of numbers in the tag will be the Tracking ID associated with this property.

Setting Up Google Analytics Script.png

CONGRATULATIONS, you are successfully tracking traffic to your website!!

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