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Get Found On Google With SEO!

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process and methods used to organically increase ranking and visibility in web searches list of results, or SERP.

If you find yourself wondering why your business does not rank for specific keywords or search terms when put in to Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines, it’s because your website is not optimized in a way that keeps the search engine companies happy. Major search engines like Google use more than 250 different aspects of your presence on the web to determine where your website will rank during a users search query.

On-Site SEO.

Also known as Local SEO, this is the practice of optimizing your user experience (UX) for your viewers. Local SEO includes practices of content development, site navigation, internal linking campaigns and much more. On-site SEO should begin in the planning phase of your website. This content is a primary factor that search engines consider when ranking you for target keywords. Good rich content will be your cornerstone for your marketing so don’t cut corners and always follow best practices.

Off-Site SEO.

Having a great website with informative content is a critical piece of the puzzle but it’s not the entire picture. A major ranking factor with search engines is your off-site SEO. This can be anything from backlinks to customer ratings and reviews to content that lives somewhere else like Youtube. Content you have outside of your website not only helps you rank higher in the SERP but it also directs qualified traffic to your website and builds brand awareness. Having a very targeted strategy is the first part to creating an effective network of content across the web.

Technical SEO.

Commonly overlooked by users, web developers and clients, technical SEO refers to all the elements behind your website that are felt, but may not be seen. Search engines like Google use bots, or spiders, to crawl websites and index the content on the web. Technical SEO is a critical part to communicating with search engine bots to help them understand what the content on your website is about. Technical SEO errors can also lead to ranking penalties so constant monitoring is required.

Free SEO Audit.

SEO is not only about structuring data and creating content. SEO is also about finding what practices your website is following that may be earning you penalties and pushing you further down in the rankings.

If you are having trouble ranking for industry specific keywords and phrases it’s likely that your website is not optimized or you may have penalties weighing against you. Our experts can run a free SEO audit for you to help find the trouble spots and create a plan to boost your ranking.

Having a website that can't be found doesn't have much impact in your market. Get found today! Start with a complimentary SEO audit from our experts.