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New AdWords UI: Hit or Miss?

AdWord’s New Interface

The new AdWords interface comes with all the bells and whistles of more powerful and advanced reporting tools.

Also, new features, such as promotion extensions, new demographic targeting options, and advanced bid adjustments have enhanced the well of knowledge available to users.


Was I the only person experiencing a bothersome glitch and not seeing wanted functionalities?!


The Glitch

The major glitch was that reports were not able to be downloaded smoothly.

I created new reports in the new UI and every morning that I want to download the report, I go into the Reports section and select the report, but NOTHING happened. I tried it again, nothing happens.

Sometimes, I even have to log into my AdWords account from an Incognito window, go to the Reports section in the “old” interface, then switch to the new interface while in the Reports sections, then finally click the report I want, and it will execute!

It’s such a daunting and unknowing task when it’s time to download a report.


The Wanted Data

Data like conversion action being segmented out, not only by campaign, but also by Account, Network, and Filtered Campaigns all in one view…is missed.


They say you don’t miss someone until they’re gone. Well in this case, I definitely miss this function and want it to please come back!

Being able to have this information available with this drop-down functionality was very convenient and helpful when comparing conversion actions across different groups, such as filtered campaigns vs. search network or search network vs. account.

I mention these to say that despite the positives that have come from the new AdWords Interface, there are still a few things that could be improved that would make this the best AdWords Interface yet!

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-Blake Smith