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How Much Do Marketing Services Cost?

On average, our partners full service marketing monthly retainer is $7,000 - $18,000 with our experienced team. Marketing needs will range from company to company. The plan will be tailored to help your company meet its' goals and may not require a full service retainer. Marketing cost should not be a guessing game. Get a quote today.

Not all partners are on a retainer. We offer project based solutions for items as small as branding assets to larger projects like website builds and annual marketing strategies.

Channel Mix

Marketing cost is also dependent on your channel mix. Marketing channel mix is the collection of channels you use to market to your audience. Having a robust channel mix has its’ advantages. If you rely solely on one channel for marketing and that channel begins to under perform, you have no other channel to support your lead flow. With a strong channel mix your business will avoid detrimental impacts of market volatility.

What Is Your Market?

Not all markets are equal. Some markets require more time and effort to be competitive in. Here are a few things to consider:

Does your market need to be local, national or international?

Do you have special requirements such as ecommerce shopping?

How diverse is your channel mix?

What is your competition doing in your market?

Do you have an internal marketing team?

What level of involvement is needed from a partner agency?

What is your traditional media and search engine marketing ad spend budget?

Have questions about pricing or ready to get started?