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We create campaigns that work, and this is how we prove it.

Case studies are an integral part of a marketing strategy–as they are the hard proof of its success. They serve as a valuable, demonstrative birds-eye-view of all the work that is done on your campaign.

Why perform a case study?

Tell your story from start to finish.

We begin by looking at your current marketing. Give us your good, your bad and your ugly–we want to improve it! Becoming familiar with your brand & marketing goals is imperative to creating a successful marketing plan. Then, with the extensive research we’ve collected, we begin tackling the situation head on.

The success of your campaign.

Whether the goal is to boost sales or increase website traffic–we do it all. Because marketing campaigns are often a multifaceted machine, they can sometimes be confusing to understand. A case study is a valuable way to demonstrate every detail of your campaign into one piece of work–making it easier to understand.

Leverage your brand.

When you hire a marketing agency, setting benchmarks will help you measure your success. Without knowing where you started, it’s impossible to see how far you’ve come! We believe that documenting the journey of your marketing campaign is the best way to see all aspects of improvement.

Organic Social Media Increases Traffic To The Admark Website By 288.5%.

See how a new brand and redesigned website gave Admark Graphics the boost to compete nationally.

116% Increase In Paid Search Traffic to the Killingsworth Website.

Strategy combining digital media, content creation, and traditional media, to showcase the Killingsworth brand.


Increased Ticket Return's Revenue From Facebook By 57%.

Our aggressive Facebook and Twitter advertising strategy increase social media reach and drove qualified traffic to the Ticket Return website.

Social Media Promotions Reach 312,566 People and Received 11,297 Engagements.

Through the promotion of 63 Facebook posts, we spread the word about McAlister’s Free Tea Day to boost sales.