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Pinckney Marketing Why many marketers give up on inbound huge mistake

Why Many Marketers Give Up On Inbound Marketing

Starting an inbound marketing campaign will test your patience.

I’ll admit to you that I am a shameless inbound marketing fangirl.

Because of this, I know I am irrationally biased when people don’t understand the benefits and importance of the inbound process—or when they give up before the process proves itself. I just do not understand how they don’t understand the benefits will come if they give it time.

In fact, the long length of time before inbound benefits kick in is the top reason for companies to give up on their inbound strategy.

Let’s rewind.

The definition of inbound marketing is “a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.”

So, it makes sense that this technique is going to take a little longer than the standard cold calling. You have to have a library of content, social media presence, and killer SEO to really make it work and none of these things happen overnight.

And really, they shouldn’t if you want to have a quality funnel. It’ll take some time to find your niche and voice for content. Ask yourself: What value are you adding to your audience?

Then when you find that voice and niche, you have to have a consistent timeline of content to build your library. THEN we have to wait for the SEO to catch up to your content. Google is great, but not the fastest at indexing all your new blogs and keywords to shoot you to the top of the search result.

And all of this is only one piece of the puzzle. If you haven’t yet, make sure you take a look at the importance of an SLA for Sales Marketing Alignment here.

Inbound marketing is half of the process of getting your company sales. It feeds quality leads to your sales team. But these quality leads take time, especially if your products price tag is bigger, the leads need nurturing before they turn into full-fledged customers.

Why this is a huge mistake

If you neglect inbound marketing efforts you will lose out on all of the customer relationships that it improves. Inbound not only improves the user experience, but it builds trusted online relationships with these users. It breeds users that don’t just buy because you asked them to, but want to buy from you, and follow you. They want to keep the relationship as much as you do. This traffic will increase your SEO rankings so when people are looking for advice or products in your industry you will show up, organically.

This is all part of a bigger picture that you want your company to have. You want to transform your customers from people who buy from you into fangirls and fanboys.

The results are worth the wait. Don’t give up before you see them!

If you’re starting your inbound strategy aren’t sure you’re on the right track to success, take a look at our 30 Proven Lead Generation Tips & Ideas by clicking here or the button below!