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Pinckney Marketing: Importance of Workplace Culture

By Campbell Stanley

Great office culture is a fundamental part of enjoying every workday. When company culture is in sync, your coworkers start to feel more like your family and your job starts to feel less like work.

Why Does Office Culture Matter?

Companies across the country struggle to maintain a positive work culture with genuinely happy employees. Think of all your friends and family that complain about their stressful jobs or horrible bosses!

If you’re like most Americans, you can probably name more friends that dread going into work in the morning than friends that love what they do for a living. We’ve found that with great company culture, you’ll find happy employees who are more engaged.

Statistically speaking, companies will perform on average 20% better when the employees are happy.


Company Culture at Pinckney Marketing

If you talk to the employees at our small marketing agency, you’ll consistently find that we are doing something right in the culture department. From our dog-friendly office to the frequent ping pong matches, we know it’s the little things that keep us smiling at work. Here are a couple of our favorite culture benefits:

Furry Friends at Work

The results are in! 88% of Americans agree that having pets at work improves employee morale, and we tend to agree. Check out some of our Pinckney pups!

Fun and Games

We think playing ping-pong at work can make us more productive, and now we have the science to back us up! Research from Dr. Daniel Amen found that playing ping-pong can increase concentration and stimulate brain function. Now we don’t have to feel guilty the frequent ping-pong matches.

Pinckney Ping Pong

Paid Time Off

Our unlimited vacation policy certainly keeps us happy, but it’s equally important that it increases performance. Human Resource managers believe that employees who take their vacation time perform 75% better than those who don’t. We agree that taking time off makes us more productive when we return, so we make sure to have our co-workers back us up so we can enjoy some time offline.

Lunch & Learns

Professional growth is valued by Americans, and on average, 74% feel they are not achieving their full potential at work. At Pinckney Marketing, we love lunch and learns because they help stimulate creativity and provide opportunities for growth. Who wouldn’t be excited for some free Panera sandwiches while learning about the current trends in social media marketing?

Team Activities and Company Bonding

Every quarter, we come up with a challenge, and whoever meets the goal can attend a fun company outing! Last quarter, we were challenged to complete our Growth-Driven Design HubSpot certification. The prize? Leaving work at noon on a Friday to have a day full of adventure at the Whitewater Center! Our entire agency completed the certification and we had an incredibly fun time rafting, zip-lining, and rock climbing together.  

Sharing a Common Goal

At Pinckney Marketing, we have clearly defined goals to help us grow as an agency. We are focused on providing inbound marketing success for our clients. Having an understanding of where we want to go as a company helps us grow in our roles and strengthens our culture.

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