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At Pinckney Marketing, we believe that knowledge is power and knowing what will work for your goals is imperative to your success. Whether it’s driving more traffic to your website or refining your marketing process, Pinckney is here to help.

Did you know that only 56 percent of companies with sales-marketing alignment meet their revenue goals? Sales-marketing alignment holds the key to converting more marketing qualified leads into sales-ready leads and customers. Aligning your sales and marketing strategies to support each other is imperative to reaching your goals. A good way to go about this is by implementing inbound marketing into your strategy.

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing method used to attract your target audience and pull them through the funnel at their own speed when it’s right for them. This allows you to reach your customers without interrupting or interfering with their time. Learn about your core buyer personas and the paths that they take to your product. Then, tailor your marketing efforts through social media, blogs, or paid search tactics to attract your customers naturally and at their own speed.

We know that a successful marketing strategy involves several different elements which is why we specialize in not only inbound sales and marketing but also social media, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and traditional media as well. We’ve created tools for all aspects of marketing to help guide you in achieving your marketing goals.

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