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For The Dog Lovers: Pinckney Pups

 For The Dog Lovers Pinckney Pups Pinckney Marketing Charlotte NC.png


If you’re like me and find yourself pointing out all dogs on the street and wanting to pet them, following famous ones on Instagram, or joining Facebook groups to see pictures and videos, look no further. We’re introducing our Pinckney office dogs who grace our office floors on Puppy Friday and sharing some of their favorite things that make them the special pups they are. Get to know them!


Murph.jpgIntroducing our newest office dog….


He doesn’t bark.


Breed: Miniature Golden Retriever

Age: 8 months

Favorite Human Food: Maple Soy-Glazed Salmon with a Sweet Potato Purée Sauce

Best Trick: Rolling over for a belly rub (no command needed)






The only noise she ever makes is when a fire truck drives by, sirens blaring!


Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix/ Unknown

Age: 10 (but dang, does she look great for her age! Maybe it’s Maybelline)

Favorite Human Food: Bacon! Journey once snatched a strip of bacon right out of her human’s hand as he walked to the table

Best Trick: Shake with both hands and “rolls over” which means spins in circles a couple times






Her sisters are named Moon and Skye.


Breed: Pomeranian Chihuahua

Age: 12

Favorite Human Food: Pizza

Best Trick: Standing on two feet







His tail could knock an eye out. Sweetest big dog.


Breed: Shepherd mix

Age: 6

Favorite Human Food: Cheese

Best Trick: Shaking with both paws







Cupid won’t eat bread unless it is buttered and has cheese on it!

Breed: Mixed

Age: 12

Favorite Human Food: Pizza

Best Trick: Playing dead






Jeff is named after a dog Mike had growing up who used to chew gum and wait for him at the bus stop every day. The next dog after this will be named Jeff as well.


Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 6

Favorite Human Food: Anything that falls from the table

Best Trick: Catching a stick in the air




She knows all 20 of her toys by name and can bring you any one at any time upon request.

Breed: Unknown Terrier Mix (Rescued!)

Age: 4

Favorite Human Food: Yes all human foods

Best Trick: She can catch a tennis ball like a wide receiver. 100 times in a row.







His bark is so much more worse than his bite.


Breed: Labrador/Great Dane mix

Age: 7

Favorite Human Food: Peanut Butter

Best Trick: High Five








He is always by Riley’s (Josh’s 9 year old daughter) side.



Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 7 months

Favorite Human Food: Anything out of the trash can

Best Trick: Fetch with ball or frisbee








He is great at parkour.

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age: 6

Favorite Human Food: Steak

Best Trick: Leave it





Last but certainly not least, one of our most favorite pups is packing up his harness, leash and food bowl to follow his human to Seattle, WA. We’ll miss you, Loaf!


No matter what, when he lays on his stomach, his paws will never reach past his snoot.

Breed: Dachshund/Pitbull/Loaf of Bread

Age: 3

Favorite Human Food: Pizza

Best Trick: Inside Voice


We can talk about our dogs ALL DAY LONG, but it wouldn’t get you more leads. Our best trick is our strategic inbound marketing and we want to share some of that with you.

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