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The Basics of Onboarding an Inbound Marketing Client

Onboarding an Inbound Marketing Client to An Agency is Easy! Just five simple steps! We’ll start by establishing goals and getting your tools and technology in order, then finish up by get getting approvals on the first month of content topics! Keep reading for details on...


Traditional Media in a Digital World

Times are Changing, But Traditional Media is Still on Top in a Digital World. Digital media has come a long way since its conception and entrance onto the media platform; however, it doesn’t come close to the massive reach afforded by utilizing TV and/or radio.   While digital...


Social Media Impact | Part Two: Snapchat

By Jo Brown Which Brands Are Using Snapchat Effectively? Since Snapchat hit the App Store in September 2011 it has slowly taken the social media world by storm. Although the app has had a lot of ups and downs, it has since climbed to the top of...


SEO Rockstar or SEO Janitor?

By Nick Maus Spoiler Alert: You’re probably an SEO Janitor I’ve worked for several companies over the years that boast about how they invest in their employees and have an endless library of tools and resources to help their employees grow. Usually, this means they have an...


3 Steps to Building a Social Media Calendar

By Heather Dremel  Follow these steps when you plan your social media calendar for better engagement and reach  Answer us this, who are you? I’m a small business owner.  I’m a content marketing intern.  I’m an SEO specialist. I’m an account manager. I’m Elon Musk. Regardless of your position in a company, you...


Tips To Achieve Good Office Feng Shui

By Kylee Karns A Harmonized Workspace is a Happy Workspace Do you ever feel stressed, cramped or cluttered due to the layout of your workspace? A full time employee spends about 40 hours or more each week in their place of work. As such a large amount...


Google’s Knowledge Graphs Have Already Changed Your Marketing

By Nick Maus How Everything You Know About SEO and Marketing is Changing Organic Search produces 20x the number clicks that paid search gets yet only 60% of desktop searches result in a click and only 40% of mobile searches result in a click. If we average that out, only 50% of traffic is...


Spectrum Reach Policy Change: Everything You Need To Know

By Mike Pinckney The Spectrum Reach Policy Is Already Changing How We Buy Spectrum Reach’s latest policy change, which quietly took effect on March 26th, 2018, will change the way the whole country buys cable.   As I looked over the media buy for April and then compared it to...