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SEO Rockstar or SEO Janitor?

By Nick Maus Spoiler Alert: You’re probably an SEO Janitor I’ve worked for several companies over the years that boast about how they invest in their employees and have an endless library of tools and resources to help their employees grow. Usually, this means they have an...


The New Norm: Voice Search Effects on SEO

The Effects of Voice Search on SEO Voice search is the newest trend and something SEO specialists should keep an eye on. Study after study show the imminent effects it will have on search engine optimization moving forward. Voice search makes technology for people a lot...


Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

Research and discovery are one of the most foundational aspects of building out a campaign. In the marketing industry, it is a skill set that can be part of many hats a marketer wears, it can be a part of the day to day job,...


Introduction to SEO: The Basic Steps

By Nick Maus What Do I Optimize First? If you have read some of my other blogs on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or the countless others on the internet, you know that there are over 200 different parameters that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing look...


4 Ways to Optimize Your Homepage For Greater Conversion

Optimizing Your Homepage for More Conversions 10 years ago if you asked the question: “What makes a great website?” the answer would have been as simple as 'they have one" or "a site that looks nice." Today, the game has changed...


5 Reasons You Should Consider Lead Scoring

5 Reasons You Should Consider Lead Scoring Sales and marketing alignment is not a new concept, however prioritizing it in your business is a hot topic these days. One of the best ways to start this process is to define lifecycle stages in your business and...


Tag! Are You It? Quick Tips for SEO Tagging

By Nick Maus You’ve written great content, had professional photos taken, built a great website but still are not seeing the traffic you expected. This is how most of my conversations start when people find out I work in marketing. Most business owners are left scratching...


The Evolution of Voice Search: How Does it Affect Your SEO?

By Alex Butz Alexa - what’s the weather today? These are often my first spoken words each morning. We have unlimited information, right at the tip of our….fingers? Nope, the tip of our tongues. At least that is the direction we are moving. In a May 2016...