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The Importance of Process in the Workplace

By Allie Gamble All agencies need to establish and stick to certain processes in order to be successful. Since I can remember, I have always been someone that craves process in life. If there was not order and a plan as a child, I would sometimes get...


Pinckney Culture: Supporting Moms in the Workplace

By Amber Plattenberger Transitioning From Pinckney Operations Manager to Pinckney Operations Mom-ager As Operations Manager at Pinckney Marketing, my role is to look over the team to ensure we are working efficiently, on time and on budget. Just recently, my role has shifted as I have become an...


Navigating Life in a Pet-Friendly Workplace

By Ashley Carr When I was still in the job market workplace culture was one of the most influential factors in whether I chose to pursue the position or not. No matter how amazing the position may be, if the culture, the people, and the atmosphere don’t...


Meet Our Pinckney Pets!

By Campbell Stanley We almost always have pups at the office and we wouldn't have it any other way! Having a pet-friendly office brings so much joy to our day-to-day and really is a foundational piece of our workplace culture. Without further ado, meet our favorite office visitors! Jeffery ("Jeff") Smartest...


Pinckney Marketing: Importance of Workplace Culture

By Campbell Stanley Great office culture is a fundamental part of enjoying every workday. When company culture is in sync, your coworkers start to feel more like your family and your job starts to feel less like work. Why Does Office Culture Matter? Companies across the country struggle...


For The Dog Lovers: Pinckney Pups

    If you’re like me and find yourself pointing out all dogs on the street and wanting to pet them, following famous ones on Instagram, or joining Facebook groups to see pictures and videos, look no further. We’re introducing our Pinckney office dogs who grace our...


True Life: I’m a Pinckney Intern

by Katharine Kendall As excited as I am to tell everyone reading this about my time as an intern at Pinckney Marketing, writing this post is not an easy task. How do I tell you about “a day in the life” when every day has been...


The Inside Scoop From an Intern

by Lindsay Cosentino Having had an internship last summer, I came into Pinckney Marketing thinking it would be the same old office job, you know, sitting in a cube, filing papers, and doing those tasks that no one else wants to do. After only one day...


The Diary of a Pinckney Marketing Intern: Part II

Countless days of surfing the web, numerous hours of interviewing and multiple offers seemed interminable compared to the few quick seconds it took me to choose Pinckney Marketing for my summer internship. After speaking with Hanna Huffman, I knew almost instantaneously that this was going...