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Driving Results with Marketing Design on the Brain

When Design Connects with the Brain You Can Drive Marketing Results   The power is in the hands of any designer. Using the right imagery, one can produce a heightened emotional response, enticing an audience to make a decision (hopefully in your favor). A Simple Breakdown of Visual...


What You Need to Know About Design & Social Media

By Amy Norman Designing for Social Media Success Over the past few years, social media has risen in popularity exponentially. With it’s rise, businesses have taken advantage of advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  These apps take into consideration the other accounts you follow, your...


10 Questions To Ask When Starting A Branding Project

By Matt Gorlaski  The Value of a Brand is Undeniable A brand is the most important piece of work a company can contract. It’s much more than a logo. It’s a system of visual and verbal elements that work together to create an emotion surrounding a company.  At...


20 Ways To Get In Touch With Your Creative Side

20 Proven Ways to Make Your Content More Creative Working in an environment as creative as a marketing agency can be tough on days when your creative juices just aren’t flowing. I’m talking about those days when you experience a full creative shut down. The inability to...


How to Better Communicate with a Designer

Communicating with a Designer 101 Have you ever had trouble communicating to the design team working on your project? Have you had a tough time understanding the reasons certain things might not work for your designer/design team? The process behind the art indubitably affects the visual impact...


What Your Color Pallet Says About Your Brand

By Amy Norman What does your color pallet say about your brand? Everyone always strives to make a good first impression, and your color palette plays an important role in that impression for your brand. Your color palette should reflect how you want to make someone feel...


The Visual Impact On Your Marketing Strategy

The question I have is what enticed you to read this blog? I am willing to bet it was because it caught your eye.   Your brain will process an image 60,000 times faster than text. So in a matter of seconds of seeing the image on this...


5 Principles for a Good Logo Design

By Amy Norman Logo Design for Winners 1. Do the research Every design has to start somewhere, and with logos that start should be research. Having knowledge of the company and what they do is the first step to set yourself up for success for a logo design....


The Top 5 Scariest Web Design Flaws

by Matt Gorlaski Sometimes I lie awake in fright due to the terrible things I see during the day. With Halloween just around the bend I wanted to share some of the SCARIEST things that keep me up at night. Hold your blankets tight and your candy...