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Promoting Content with Paid Tactics- Necessary or No?

If a tree falls blog is written in the woods on the internet and no one's there to hear read it, does it still make a sound generate traffic and leads?  "If I write this blog that is the awesomest blog ever and post it on my website, I'll generate the 60% more leads...


5 Common Content Creation Mistakes

Content Creation Marketing Mistakes We've All Done Content creation is an important component of marketing because it provides relevant and valuable information to your target audience that helps acquire and engage new customers. However, there are many content marketing channels and tactics that leave room for...


Content Marketing is a Commitment Not a Campaign

By Mike Pinckney Generate Business By Committing To Content Marketing Everybody wants the gold when it shines, but unfortunately it doesn’t come out of the ground in ready-made bricks. Like anything worth having, you have to work for it. I love content marketing because it’s one of those...


When to Walk Away From a Blog Topic

By Ashley Carr When to Walk Away From a Blog Topic We’ve literally all been there at least once. Two words. Writer’s block. Trust me, I understand where you are coming from. Putting pen to paper and transferring the amazing ideas in your head to paper can...


Content Trends for 2017

By Hallie Moser Happy New Year! 2016 has come to an end, and we are welcoming 2017 with open arms! The new year is filled with hope and excitement of what’s to come, and we. are. ready. Just like last year’s New Years blog, we are keeping...


How to Make Your Content “Share-Worthy”

by Hallie Moser The idea that content goes viral still blows my mind - that an image of a fan at a sporting event, one of millions, can get captured and “memed” by the entire internet. It is one of the most fascinating things about the...


How To Get Started With Content Marketing Today

by Dani Damous  As we know, marketing is constantly evolving. Therefore, businesses must stay ahead of the curve compared to their competition in order to increase leads, return on investment and sales. Today, one of the primary methods that can help achieve this is content...