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Automotive Marketing Done Right: 7 Tips and Trends

by Mike Pinckney



This past September I had the priviledge of attending Digital Dealer, one of my favorite conferences and events of the year. It is always a top priority for me to attend this conference for a number of reasons. Many of my customers are there and it is a great time to catch up, talk new opportunities, and evaluate what we’re doing that is working and where we can improve. From a professional standpoint for me, it is always incredibly beneficial that I attend and soak up as much new knowledge and information that I can.

We all know we’re in an industry that is constantly changing. It seems there are new ways to communicate with customers coming out daily. This goes for the automotive category but also for any other industry.


After returning from Last Vegas, I took some time to debrief my team on new information I’d gathered and how we need to be putting this into action, especially for our automotive clients. 

Here is the list I shared and what we’re making sure we’re doing: 

  • Digging into referral traffic,
  • Leveraging the power of video,
  • Ensuring that digital strategy is aligned for all devices,
  • Maximizing email conversion with segmentation and multimedia,
  • Nurturing leads who may not be ready to buy, 
  • Becoming experts at closing the sale,
  • And making buyers into lifelong customers.

Alot more goes into these than what is listed in the bullets above. Our team put together a slideshare to break it all down for you, just click the button below for the free download. 

You’ll learn:

  • Where individuals in the market for a new car are researching online,
  • What to make sure your marketing team or agency is doing,
  • How to succeed at email campaigns,
  • And more!