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5 Stellar Examples of AI in Marketing

By Hallie Moser

Artificial intelligence is commonly thought of as a robot or some other advanced form, but in actuality, Artificial Intelligence exists within many of the applications and electronics we use on a day-to-day basis.

From online gaming to voice recognition systems like “Siri”, machine learning is the integral component to many, many things.

As technology evolves, marketing evolves with it. Through data analysis, chatbots, and speech recognition; AI is something marketers have grown to love, and quite frankly, can’t exist without.

5 Stellar Examples of AI in Marketing Pinckney Marketing Charlotte, NC (1)

1. Ad Targeting

Ads that are more relevant to you are more effective. If you’ve ever noticed an extremely specific ad for a pair of G-Eazy tickets and a price slash on your favorite hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant, you have been a spotted and targeted through ad targeting.

For better or worse, all of your online history is analyzed by AI and the end result is a tailored ad specifically for you. As marketers, we argue the other side, that it is helping the user experience as you are aware of the G-Eazy tickets and price slash on your favorite Indian food, that you might otherwise have missed.

2. Dynamic Pricing

Outside of sales, have you found it harder to find deep discounts on your favorite items? That’s because retailers using artificial intelligence are actually predicting the top price you will pay.

Even more crazy, your searches, cookies, and online activity in general are monitored to build a personalized price profile on your purchase history and expenditure. Kinda creepy and awesome at the same time, right?

3. Chatbots

Woo! Shoutout to SmarterChild–the middle school friend you can always count on.

Nowadays you will find that chatbots have evolved and are now serving up your online orders, helping you pick out the best outfit for that one special occasion, and of course, keeping you entertained by their good-spirited computerized banter.

4. Computer Vision

Computerized vision helps bots gain a better understanding of photos and video, through the utilization of machine learning and pattern recognition. So, each time you send a selfie with the halo filter on, the AI is learning the nuances of your face, which, you can guarantee are going into a database somewhere.

5. Data Analysis

Predictive analytics are extremely useful in understanding market trends and your company’s benchmarks. As a result, AI has been utilized in these areas to analyze and consume large chunks of data on a grand scale to paint the most detailed picture of the consumer as possible.

Think of the Mona Lisa…except, imagine her painted in a tenth of a second…by a robot. That’s the future of data analysis once AI is fully implemented.

Get ahead of the AI curve by implementing these five tools into your website. Have no clue where to start? Schedule a free strategy session to connect with one of our strategists one-on-one for helpful website tips.